Forging your own path, you choose not to share overhead services. You may still decide to outsource services with external service providers who support your journey and reduce your risks.

Executive Summary

Shared services encompass many different structures, because each strategy is customized to create positive impacts for the service providers, participating organizations and their local communities. In this Rethinking Overhead series, The Nonprofit Centers Network (NCN) highlights four shared services structures:

  • Connective mechanisms
  • Management support organizations
  • Joint contracting
  • Fiscal sponsorship

What are Shared Services? How are Shared Services Different from Outsourcing?

Learn the different types of nonprofit shared services and how they are different from outsourcing.

Nonprofit Outsourcing in Action

As a Certified B Corporation, Jitasa’s mission is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of nonprofit organizations through high quality financial management services.

Participating Organization Perspective

Tony Haines, Scout Executive of Boy Scouts of America, describes the organization's experience with outsourcing administrative services and as a client of Jitasa.

Discussion Questions

Learn what questions you should ask about your organization and community to know if shared services are an appropriate option for you.

Additional Resources

Check out NCN's resources and services.