Plugging into an MSO is like renting a car. You do the driving while the MSO provides and maintains high-quality overhead services, systems and support to keep you moving forward.

Executive Summary

A Management Support Organization (MSO) is an independent nonprofit organization that provides essential overhead services, systems, products and operational support to other nonprofit organizations. MSOs strive to provide a suite of high-quality services to a large base of participating organizations through consolidating service provisions and reducing the costs of service delivery. Nonprofit organizations that receive services from an MSO maintain their tax-exempt status, governance, staffing structures and programmatic independence. Participating organizations can achieve financial and non-financial benefits including:

  • Access to higher quality services and systems provided by and supported by expert service providers
  • Options to add services over time through an integrated service model
  • Opportunities to unite with other participating organizations through training, peer networking or other community-oriented activities

What is a Management Support Organization (MSO)?

Learn how MSOs are structured and how they function as a shared service.

An MSO in Action

Support KC’s mission is to provide nonprofit organizations with business and development expertise, empowering them to focus on their missions

Participating Organization Perspective

Roxanne Hill, Executive Director of Wonderscope Children's Museum, describes the organization's experience with shared services and as a client of Support KC.

Discussion Questions

Learn what questions you should ask about your organization and community to know if an MSO is an appropriate option for you.

Additional Resources

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